Gambas 2.x in Ubuntu

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Its been a while that I’m not using Linux especially Ubuntu. While reading in CDO Information Technology Group in facebook, one person ask about an opensource similar to visual basic and somebody answer that use GAMBAS. So I searched and found GAMBAS and its samples. I’m getting curious more. So install VMware 7.1 and downloaded Ubuntu 11.04. Also installed right away the GAMBAS after the OS installation.


Installing GAMBAS 2.x
Installing GAMBAS 2.x in Ubuntu

So after installation, as a first app — the “Hello World!”. so I start creating a new project and test typing lil’ codes. Coding results below;


GAMBAS First App

GAMBAS First App

Conclusion: GAMBAS is just like MS Visual Basic with some little differences in coding. Hope GAMBAS will be fully developed and become mature, with this Linux Desktop Application Developer will raise (and I want to be one of the developers! hahahaha…).

Comments: I like GAMBAS.. so cute! hahahahaha… want to explore more about this software.

For more information about GAMBAS, please visit


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