Everyday Brown-out ordered by Politicians from Above

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This scheduled brown-out in Iligan City and all over the Philippines, does really about El Niño? I don’t think so! Let me reveal the truth to you.

One of the employee from NAPOCOR I talked to and he said, “It is an order from above… It’s not El Niño. There are enough water to supply the turbine of NAPOCOR. I think this is political strategy.”

See folks, do not believe in the TV news or newspaper saying that its about El Niño! Fuck them! For my analysis, this is just a strategy to take down the Election 2010. Or let’s just say someone really want to cheat or desperate to win for power and greed. Well, if GMA fuck up FPJ… Then she can do it again to let her presidential bet win.

I believe Philippines will just be a junkyard in the future. Just like Somalia nor Niger. There’s no hope for these people. Everybody is running for the money… For their glorified greed! *sigh!* God help us! Let the Philippine islands sink to the bottom of the sea, just like Atlantis!

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