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When I watched TV last December 2009 (which I watch TV rarely), I saw the advertisement of the promised politician, Manny Villar. (which also I got irritated with his ads) And I said, *puff!* He really got a guts running for President after his controversial C5. Not to mention what he promised to me and my colleagues way back year 2005, under Mindanao Business and Management Youth Congress program. (see picture below) And until now his ads still air on ABS-CBN. And thinking that every ads in ABS-CBN cost hundreds of thousands. Yet he can afford to air his ads. Then I realized the C5 controversial, and said to myself… Now I get it why he got enough funds for his campaign.

Manny Villar with MBMYC Staff

Manny Villar with MBMYC Staff

The picture was a meeting with Manny Villar and the MBMYC Staff. Villar promised that he will finance a livelihood program and helping the poor in the remote areas in Cagayan de Oro City. He made a lot of promises that day. Yet he accomplished nothing. After the meeting, no funds has been sent to us.

After that, I concluded that this politicians will do nothing for our country!

Election 2010, I won’t vote any president! They are all the same! Dick, Binay, Noynoy and Villar… Same feathers! And they flock together!

Filipinos will always be hopeless with these kind of people!

In addition, I was tagged in the facebook and laugh hard about it… And I think its true! Bwuahahahaha!


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